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MSC specialise in reducing the costs & risks associated with deploying & managing the proliferation of mobile devices in your organisation.  

Partner with the largest specialist mobile service provider for multiple devices within Australia.

Contract us today to get the most out of your enterprise mobility.

MSC Enterprise Mobility News

ActiveSync vs Mobile Device Management

MSC Mobility Admin


We often get asked to explain how Mobile Device Managment solutions such as MobileIron and AirWatch are different to Microsoft's ActiveSync or just using Apples IPCU.  So we thought it was time to write it up in into a white paper and share it with the world.  In this white paper we cover.

  • What can ActiveSync Manage
  • Advanced Policy Management
  • Advanced Complicane Engine
  • Certificate Based Authentication (SCEP)
  • How MDM's keep up to date
  • Reporting and Asset Tracking
  • Full Device Wipe vs an Enterprise Wipe
  • Why MDM is better than IPCU
  • What is the best MDM for you

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