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Level 8, 309 George St

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MSC specialise in reducing the costs & risks associated with deploying & managing the proliferation of mobile devices in your organisation.  

Partner with the largest specialist mobile service provider for multiple devices within Australia.

Contract us today to get the most out of your enterprise mobility.

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Enterprise Mobility Infographic

MSC Mobility Admin

There are a lot of these info graphics around these days but we particularly like this one for a few reasons.
  1. It highlights simply and effectively how the devices of today (3rd Generation) are different than enterprise mobility of days gone by.
  2. It delves into HTML5 and the future impact it will have on the current app ecosystem.  We are seeing a lot of this in the enterprise today via our preferred MEAP platform Blink Mobile.  It really is amazing that with HTML5 you can build a webapp that has access to the camera, GPS and other device resources like the photo gallery, it can enble sign on screen and work offline.  The line between Apps and Web is rapidly burring as hardware gets better at rendering (compare opening webpage on a iPhone 3GS vs 4s as an example), as software advances (operating systems like iOS 5 and Android 4.0), as Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP's like Blink Mobile) mature and as network speed increases with the rollouts of 4G.  Throw all this together with HTML5 and hey presto it's a changed world once again.  Maybe Steve Jobs was right with the first iPhone in saying you don't need apps.  Perhaps he was just a little to early as many of the great innovators are.
  3. It focuses on the Enterprise rather than consumer which many of these info graphics tend to do.

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