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MSC specialise in reducing the costs & risks associated with deploying & managing the proliferation of mobile devices in your organisation.  

Partner with the largest specialist mobile service provider for multiple devices within Australia.

Contract us today to get the most out of your enterprise mobility.

MSC Enterprise Mobility News

iCloud and MDM - a good thing.

MSC Mobility Admin

ElcomSoft discovers yet another way to access information stored in Apple iOS devices by retrieving online backups from Apple iCloud storage. The company updates Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker, a tool to retrieve user content from password-protected backups created by Apple iOS devices and BlackBerry smartphones, with the ability to retrieve iPhones’ user data from iCloud. No lengthy attacks and no physical access to an iPhone device are required: the data is downloaded directly onto investigators’ computers (PC) from Apple remote storage facilities in plain, unencrypted form. Backups to multiple devices registered with the same Apple ID can be effortlessly retrieved. Investigators need to know user’s original Apple ID and password in order to gain access to online backups.
You can read the entire news release at


So now how to stop this?  Fortunatley the MDM world has an answer.  As part of the core suite of Mobile Deivce Managment tools that MSC offers, a default policy can be set to disable iCloud backup all together.  This is a parental control and can not be user overridden.  

Can you afford for your company data to be backed up to iCloud?  If not talk to us today to discuss your options.


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